Our Story


Men II Boys started in the 1990’s as a Doo-Wop a cappella singing group and later added gospel music, a variety of newer pieces, a Christmas concert and humour to our shows. We have performed numerous times locally in Milton and the Greater Toronto Area, as well as traveled to Trinidad and Utah.

How we got to be a singing and comedy group is a story itself.  When a group of men get together, it’s usually for the purpose of going hunting or fishing followed by the consumption of copious amounts of beer.  In the famous words of Red Green “Men have to be killing  something (be it animal, fish or a 2-4) to have a good time”.  The “Men II Boys” (a parody of the better-known professional group “Boyz II Men”)  is a group of men who found out that they like to sing together and have been doing so for a couple of decades.  We originally considered the name “Pathetic Men Singing” but realized that the short form would be PMS and that might not work well.

We used to rehearse monthly.  However, because of the joke-telling,  beer-drinking and general male bonding, we found that we needed to practice more regularly.  The rehearsals are normally raucous affairs with more joke-telling but we’ve learned to leave the beer drinking until afterwards.

Since we realized the level of excellence that we could achieve with singing, Men II Boys decided to add humour – irreverent, self-deprecating, ribald humour to our shows.  Put it all together and you get a bunch of graying, balding, paunchy, gaseous guys that can sing, harmonize, tell jokes and generally have a great time with their  audiences.


Ken C. - Bass


Lorne G. - Tenor


Don C. - Baritone


Jim D. - Bass


Einar V. - Bass


Ron M. - Baritone


Rob T. - Baritone


John C. - Tenor


Paul S. - Guitarist & Bass


Don C. - Baritone



Bob L. - Baritone


Bill S. - Tenor


Bill S. - Tenor